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Ardan is committed to the online privacy of all of its users. This privacy statement describes how Ardan (“Ardan Ltd”) may utilise information it acquires as a result of your use of the website identified by the domain name (“the Site”),. It has been written to give you a clear explanation of our services. By using this site, you are indicating your agreement to the terms of this statement. If you disagree with any of the terms, then please do not use our site. We reserve the right to alter the terms of this statement at any time. Your continued use of the Site will indicate your agreement to such changes. The use of the term “partners” denotes businesses and other authorities who work closely with Ardan. If you have any questions or concerns relating to this policy please contact us using any of the means listed below.


Information Collected

Ardan (Ardan Ltd) is the owner of the information on this site. We will not sell, share or rent any information on the website to third parties in any way, unless:

  • it is stated on the web page at the point of collecting information from you, or

  • it is outlined in this policy statement, or

  • It is required by law.


However, please be aware that we may use your information and share it with and transfer it to our group companies for the following purposes:

  • to service your requests from time to time;

  • to keep you up to date with use of the Site and our operations;

  • to conduct market research and to understand better how our service may be improved and made even more useful for you;

  • to provide you with information about our products, promotions, offers and services;

  • to monitor and record your correspondence and communications with and to us, or instruct a reputable company to do so, to ensure that we maintain consistently high standards in dealing with your queries and needs;

  • to share it for direct marketing purposes with our group companies whose products and services may be of interest to you;


If you would rather we do not use your information in the ways set out above, please let us know by contacting us using any of the means listed below. Users have several opportunities to provide online views and comments about the website, Ardan. The information provided by users via this service will be acted upon according to the content of the communication. Ardan may contact users in order to reply to the issues raised. This contact will be via email, unless an alternative is specified. Users may also make written comments about the website, Ardan, and its services by contacting us at the address given below. Ardan will retain all communications received in order to produce statistical analysis reports on the comments received. All personal information collected on the website will be used for the purpose of delivering the service for which the information was supplied.


Virus Protection

Ardan takes protection against viruses very seriously and strives to protect all its information with regularly updated virus checkers. We cannot however guarantee that the site will be free form all viruses at all times. Nor can Ardan guarantee that other websites, which you may visit from the Site, will take the same rigorous precautions and it is therefore recommended that your home pc is protected by a virus checker and regularly updated.



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Please address comments or questions regarding the Ardan Privacy Policy to one of the addresses listed below (online e-mail, or postal mail). Ardan may occasionally update, amend, or change this Privacy Policy based on user feedback and as needed or appropriate. If Ardan changes the Privacy Policy, we will notify you accordingly. All policy changes will be posted.



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